Lazer Sport Osprey Helmets

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Product Description

  • Shell: Fibre
  • Size: XS-S-MS-ML-L-XL-XXL
  • Homologation: ECE 22.05
  • Buckle: Double D racing
  • Number of reflective Zone: 4

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I'm assisting biologists from Patuxent Wildlife Research Center on an toxicology project concerning osprey and other raptors. The project involves collecting an egg and running tests on it and then when the young are ready to fledge, collecting a blood sample from a fledgling. They'll be checking ... Read More »

Neo-Retro - Singular Osprey

Hi all, I hope you'll excuse me if this comes across a bit spammy, but as it's something which is not yet available and I thought might be of interest to this board I hope I might get away with it :-) I'm more of a regular over at the mtbr forums as the dirt is where my heart lies. However I ... Read More »

Grapefruit league: is getting pewped on by an osprey good luck?

Had beautiful sunny, breezy weather for a baseball game at Joker Marchant Stadium yesterday, took the wife and kids to see the Rays vs the Tigers. Prety good seats just behind third base and watched Longoria make a couple outstanding defensive plays and a few young prospects for the Rays hit homeru ... Read More »

V-22 Osprey sighting

Two of them just flew over my building, at about 1000 feet altitude. Loud. I didn't know they were still in use; I thought they turned out to be too unreliable.Read More »

Camelbak HAWG v Osprey Talon 22

are these bags even comparable? looking for a pack for long day rides and ultralite overnighting - based in the UK I always expect inclement weather same cost and both have hydration the HAWG is looking like day use only and not much overnight ability am worried the Talon is too big fo ... Read More »

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