Limar 660 Helmets

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Monoshell In-mould technology, absolute safety. Fit system with 4 vertical positions and fast adjusting ring, everlasting comfort. 19 huge air vents with bug net, total ventilation.

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Subaru recalling 660,238 vehicles

Welp that's going to shut down the economies of several states. Boulder city officials have moved into disaster response mode to handle all of the new bus and bike riders. [url=]Subaru recalling 660,238 vehicles ... Read More »

HED Ardennes SL Clinchers 1450grams - $660 shipped

Sub 1500 grams for $660 in a name brand wheelset? Sweet deal on Competitive Cyclist today. Shimano/SRAM only. [url=]HED Ardennes SL Wheelset - Clincher - Competitive Cyclist[/url] This ... Read More »

Competitive Cyclist Power Pro+ Mavic Open Pro $660

WOW. i'd jump all over this if i didn't have a powertap already. (sorry on my phone so i can't post link..just go to More »

Trek 660 Gear Range?

I have a 660 on loan for awhile and I am loving the ride. The frame is a little big for me but manageable. Just trying to wrap my head around the gearing as it is quite hilly around here. With the Ultegra 600 52-42 and a 13-24 cassette, what is the gear range? For the hills, given my unfit status ... Read More »

Trek 660

First, sorry for the lack of pics.. yet. I bought a 1984 Trek 660 a few months back, and have slowly been piecing it together (non-original). I finally realized yesterday that I have pretty much everything, in a kind of mismatch way. It's mostly 8 speed 105 with down tube shifters. This is my ... Read More »

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