Limar 707 Helmets

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Product Description

The 707?s super classic design provides excellent ventilation thanks to 23 long shaped vents. Double InMold Process and very sleek lines result in a neater, less bulky and much more attractive helmet than the competition. Comes with a Velcro Visor

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Limar 707 Helmet Sizing

Anyone out there have a Limar 707 helmet? I am curious as to the sizing, The Small Medium size runs 21 1/4 inches and the L/ XL runs 22 7/8 to 24. That is a huge range. My measurement comes in at 22.8 inches. If there is anyone out there who has been in a similar predicament, it would be great ... Read More »

Limar 707 helmet

Where does it fit in the Limar pecking order? Currently using a F107, like it, 2 seasons of use so far, might be looking at replacing soon and got a good price on one online.Read More »

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