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Reverse 911

Had a call yesterday, at first I thought, pffft hang up. But I listened, it was a reverse 911 call. They start describing a missing elderly lady, with Alzheimer's. The more they described her, the more I thought, huh, she looks like any other elderly lady walking down the street. Then they said ... Read More »

911 Rescue: or not

One thing that is astonishing about this incident is how in the world this guy, with his criminal history as listed in the article was still on the street. Never mind what sounds like police incompetence. Police incompetence may be a bit strong given the lack of information about the encounter but i ... Read More »

Why are 911 responses so slow

One possible answer might be that they just don'e give a rat's ass. [url=]Miami-Dade cops caught on camera allegedly ignoring emergency calls - U.S. News[/url] By My ... Read More »

Burglar calls 911 on gun-wielding family

[url=]Burglar calls 911 to save himself from gun-wielding homeowner | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News[/url] Contrary to Bob Costa's quoting a KC newspaper.... if the family weren't armed... the burglar would of gotten away wi ... Read More »

Birthers, death panels, and Bush-911 conspiracy theorists...

There's something in this essay for everybody, though the author's overarching purpose is to use the "death panel" myth as an example of how misinformation percolates through the media ever faster (thank you internet), leading to the misinformed gumming up the works of health care policy: "...bel ... Read More »

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