Louis Garneau Atlantis Helmets

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Product Description

Louis Garneau Atlantis Helmet has 25 vents, easily adjustable retention system, a frame ring and in-mold construction to maintain integrity on impact.

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Rivendell Atlantis

I like it so far. Will do a longer test tomorrow. Any other Atlantii out there?Read More »

Google maps finds Atlantis

[url]http://www.telegraph.co.uk/scienceandtechnology/technology/google/4731313/Google-Ocean-Has-Atlantis-been-found-off-Africa.html[/url] I don't see Triton swimming around. What's up? Read More »

Any demand for an early 80's Dawes Atlantis ?

I bought a Dawes Atlantis back between 1980-84 IIRC as a dumb teenager with some paper route money burning a hole in my pocket. A friend who was trying out racing bought a new Atlantis and I talked myself into a "last years model" for less money. His was the sunburst red with the white seat; mine ... Read More »

Space Shuttle Atlantis live launch coverage

[url]http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/on_demand_video.html?param=http://anon.nasa-global.edgesuite.net/anon.nasa-global/ksc/ksc_020708_sts122_open.asx&_id=115372&_title=Live%20Launch%20Coverage&_tnimage=210502main_ksc_020708_sts122_open-t.gif[/url] Launch time 2:45 ESTRead More »

Any Rivendell Rambouillet or Atlantis owners out there?

Would like to hear from you as to how you like your ride, what you rode before, how the experience dealing with the folks at Rivendell was (I bet great!). I'm thinking seriously about pulling the trigger on a 60cm Rambouillet. I think their approach is just much saner than the road biking industry a ... Read More »

Read More »



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