Louis Garneau Course Helmets

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The Louis Garneau Course Helmet bridges aerodynamics and ventilation for a practical solution for everyday road cyclists. By superiorly achieving the utmost in aerodynamics, ventilation, comfort, safety, and design, the Course Helmet is for sure, a winner. An aerodynamically designed inner-nerve system molded inside of the EPS liner to force air inside the helmet, circulate the rider's head, and evacuate to through the back of the helmet. Internally molded evacuation channels move the airflow, cool the head, and eliminate moisture. The Course Helmet was designed directly on the head of a rider in a cycling position, so it naturally adapts to the contour of the human head without excess material.

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ATTN: Promoters – course tape source?

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“Feeding the Animals”: Saint Louis County and Municipal Police Academy’s New Course

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'84 Raleigh Super Course w/ <75 miles

The seller advertises this bike as having less than 75 original miles. !! If true - I want it. :-) The pictures certainly indicate it is in new condition. The Shimano RD has the period-correct arrow imprinted on it, and the paint, chrome, emblem, decals and sticker also appear new. We'll se ... Read More »

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