Mavic Syncro Helmets

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Mavic Syncro Road and Cross-country Helmet is all about reliable race-ready performance and comfort. Superlight, highly ventilated for the hottest days with excellent comfort on the longest rides. Removable visor for maximum adaptability.

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Campagnolo Syncro pulley Question

Okay, I took the Campy components off an older Cannondale road bike and mounted most of them on an even older Specialized Allez; the parts are 1988-1993 with 7 speed Synrco 2 shifters and Regina Extra freewheel. I did manage to get the bike to shift reliably, but I had several people tell me the re ... Read More »

Campy Campa Campagnolo Syncro DT shifters

Someone (I hope) was paying attention while I was not. From what I have seen there are at least 2 versions of Campy DT indexed shifters. By report, the first ones were fairly awful (Synchro 1: 198x), in part because Campy attempted to make them backwards compatible with different rear mechs. (These ... Read More »

Campy Syncro question.

Would a C Record rear derailer work with sycro down tube shifters, assuming the correct cog set/freewheel for the shifters.? I would like to set up an 80's 753 frame I have with C Record stuff, but still have index shifting. Hope this is not a dumb question.Read More »

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