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Counterfeit bicycle helmets?

Is this possible? Price seems too good to be true. This seller has a number of other similar auctions going for other styles/colours of helmets. [URL="http://www.ebay.com/itm/Road-Bicycles-Cycling-Giro-Livestrong-Helmet-Unisex-Men-Women-56-62cm-silver-/171092581626?pt=US_Helmets&hash=item27d5e99c ... Read More »


Still pretty new in this game, so I dont really know where to start. Bought my bike a couple of weeks ago, got a Giro Stylus included in the deal. Been riding with it for a couple of weeks and it feels utterly wrong. The fit can only be described as dreadful and its as vented as german submarine. ... Read More »

Helmets with MIPS technology - Why so few?

With aero being the new helmet craze, I wonder why people are not demanding that helmet manufacturers make SAFER helmets, instead of simply marginally better looking and/or marginally more aero helmets. If those that use helmets start demanding helmets that are safer than ones my grandpa used back ... Read More »

Amazing How Bad I Can Make Helmets Look

OTOH some guys/gals look great in the same helmet or any helmet for that matter. I think I have a fat and pointy head or something. Going back to leather. More aero anyways. Cooler too.Read More »

Can we just admit that Aero helmets are stupid?

Looks like Specialized is continuing to make the worst looking helmets on the market. [url=http://www.bikeradar.com/road/news/article/specialized-s-works-evade-aero-helmet-launched--37772/]Specialized S-Works Evade Aero Helmet Launched - BikeRadar[/url] I personally would like it if we could ... Read More »

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