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Kali Protectives using technology to improve safety of helmets

Kali Protectives Founder Brad Waldron is obsessed with making helmets even safer, and has put his aerospace engineering background towards this goal.    Read More »

Aero Road Helmets Here To Stay

For better or worse, it looks like aero road helmets are here to stay. Though they may look like a prop from of a bad science fiction movie, this year they’ve rapidly become the brain-protector du jour for the professional peloton.   Read More »

Cratoni Helmets Back in the USA – Lighter Than Air for 2013

Cratoni Helmets is coming back to the USA, thanks to an exclusive distribution deal with SKS USA, the US subsidiary of SKS Germany.   Read More »

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Counterfeit bicycle helmets?

Is this possible? Price seems too good to be true. This seller has a number of other similar auctions going for other styles/colours of helmets. [URL="http://www.ebay.com/itm/Road-Bicycles-Cycling-Giro-Livestrong-Helmet-Unisex-Men-Women-56-62cm-silver-/171092581626?pt=US_Helmets&hash=item27d5e99c ... Read More »


Still pretty new in this game, so I dont really know where to start. Bought my bike a couple of weeks ago, got a Giro Stylus included in the deal. Been riding with it for a couple of weeks and it feels utterly wrong. The fit can only be described as dreadful and its as vented as german submarine. ... Read More »

Helmets with MIPS technology - Why so few?

With aero being the new helmet craze, I wonder why people are not demanding that helmet manufacturers make SAFER helmets, instead of simply marginally better looking and/or marginally more aero helmets. If those that use helmets start demanding helmets that are safer than ones my grandpa used back ... Read More »

Amazing How Bad I Can Make Helmets Look

OTOH some guys/gals look great in the same helmet or any helmet for that matter. I think I have a fat and pointy head or something. Going back to leather. More aero anyways. Cooler too.Read More »

Can we just admit that Aero helmets are stupid?

Looks like Specialized is continuing to make the worst looking helmets on the market. [url=http://www.bikeradar.com/road/news/article/specialized-s-works-evade-aero-helmet-launched--37772/]Specialized S-Works Evade Aero Helmet Launched - BikeRadar[/url] I personally would like it if we could ... Read More »

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