Scott Split Helmets

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The new Scott Split represents the cutting edge of Aerodynamics in time trial and triathlon helmets. Developed in close colaboration with leading aeordynamics experts, Team ORICA GreenEDGE and world class triathletes, the SCOTT Aerodynamic Science team have delivered another winner. The optimum shape was preserved by optimising ventilation through a carefully designed faceport, deep internal channelling and a large rear exhaust port.

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Colnago C59 Steerer Tube Split

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Obama split?

My co-worker texted me yesterday with the exciting news: [url=]Michelle and Barack Obama may divorce |[/url] :eek: :confused: :skep: He's convinced it's being kept secret by the American press, and that we won't hear anything until after he's gone from o ... Read More »

Why don't they legalize all PEDs and split races into Natural and Pharmed categories?

Newbie road cyclist here. I absolutely would never touch any performance enhancing drugs as I am too concerned about my long-term health. However, in all honesty it's crazy to see just how far human endurance can be pushed with the use of EPO, cortisone, testosterone, anabolics, etc. I can only ima ... Read More »

using timex ironman "Chrono" "Start/Split" function for laps question

this is either a very stupid question or it is simply not possible but i am wondering if someone can help me with the following: i have a route where i get to a 3.5 mile "loop". basically i ride to the loop do a number of loops and then i ride home. and i have been timing myself simply in order t ... Read More »

River City Bicycles SKS Split Fenders

Looking to get fenders put on my 2001 Klein Quantum road bike. Checking to see if any of you have the SKS P35 fenders that River City cuts and then put on there bracket so that they fit on a road bike. just checking to see how there holding up. For $160 I dont want something thats just going to last ... Read More »

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