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Anybody else doing two rides in one day?

I am currently in-between my two seasonal jobs right now, so I haven't been really pressed for time. Since last week I have been doing two rides a day, instead of just one longer ride. Snow is still covering the path in spots so this has prevented me from going as far as I would like. I usually do a ... Read More »

there is always some two people (one) who called in addition to know

there is always some two people (one) who called in addition to know have many similarities, you are not the most good at * * * * a prostitute?Moonlight of water and salt of the horse and sound beautiful moonlight night you see how beautiful sheep in life and death the quiet I listen although still ... Read More »

Two New Bikes in One Week: This Will Never Happen Again

The stars somehow aligned during the Super Moon, creating a brief opening in the Earth's Reality Field allowing the two dimensions to collide and cross over... This strange and rare event resulted in the unlikeliest event. Me... a married man... was able to become the owner of two great new bikes ... Read More »

One ride in two weeks! This weather is really starting to wear on me.

The last time I went out on wet roads I crashed and burned and split open my grape. I don't do it anymore. Not worth the risk. Especially when you don't have health insurance. And I know it's spring in New England, but two weeks of the unrelenting damp and dreary is leading me deeper into a pi ... Read More »

two sprint'ish races in one day what to do between?

Next Sundayi have two events (actually one split in two) Each race will last about 45 minutes. There will probably be between 2 and 3 hourse between each race. What would you do during the down time to ensure the best potential second race?Read More »

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