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An exclusive combo of safety, comfort, lightness and design makes ZW unique. The zerorh+ ZW bike helmet was perfected with the use of toughest and strictest safety tests, ultra innovative technologies to ensure maximum comfort, intense research into materials to produce the lightest design and meticulous investigations to maximize ventilation, styling and the snuggest fit. zerorh+ went all out on functional details.

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Felt ZW-5 Cassette Question

Hi, Quick question on my girlfriends 2014 ZW-5. I bought a Fulcrum 5 wheelset and would like the setup to be the same as the OEM. What is the part number for the rear Cassette. Felt web site says it is a 105 drive train and that it is 11-32. I cannot locate an 11-32 105 cassette. Thanks DarrinRead More »

ZW and Z models for 2015?

[B][U]​[/U][/B]Hi there, At present I own a Felt ZW95 and love it but am now wanting to upgrade. Can anyone tell me what ZW models are planned for the UK market for 2015 and when they will be released. I am also considering the Z3, does anyone know what the 2015 specs on this will be and wh ... Read More »

Guy Riding a Felt ZW vs F series?

Would appreciate any opinions..including FeltDave. I''m a short guy at 5'4 with short arms. I was getting ready to jump on a LOOK 585 Optimum as it has a TT just under 51cm and a slightly taller headtube. Today I walked into my LBS and they had just finished building a women's ZW in a size Smal ... Read More »

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