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An exclusive combo of safety, comfort, lightness and design makes ZX unique. The zerorh+ ZX bike helmet was perfected with the use of the toughest and strictest safety tests, ultra innovative technologies to ensure maximum comfort, intense research into materials to produce the lightest design and meticulous investigations to maximize ventilation, styling and the snuggest fit.

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Tire Choice - GP4000s II vs. Schwalbe Ultremo ZX

So, I recently purchased a set of new wheels (C50 Shimano 9000s) and want some advice on tire choice. I've had GP4000s's on my previous bikes and were quite happy with them....but I never really tired other tires. I currently have Bontrager R3 tires on my current ride (on the stock bonty rims) but ... Read More »

Schwalbe Ultremo ZX vs Michelin Pro 4

Hi all, I've always used Michelin Pro 4's but needed new tires and got some Schwable Ultremo ZX tires. They are way easier to mount that the Michelins so that's a bonus. However, I find that I can feel the road a lot more with the Schwalbe. As in like, every little rock, crack etc, it just fe ... Read More »

Schwable Ultremo ZX Tubeless first impressions....

So finally decided on the Schwable Ultremo ZX for my first tubeless tire experience. The price was good for two tires, Schwable sealant and special applicator. I mounted them on a set of Campagnolo Zonda two-way fit wheels. I followed the instructions, applying the special soap solution appli ... Read More »

Hutchinson Fusion 3 tubeless or Schable Ultremo zx tubeless???

I have narrowed it down to either Hutchinson Fusion 3 or Ultremo ZX tubeless tires. Would have like the Secteurs however may have frame clearance issues so don't want to take a chance. Any advice or experiences with either would be great. ThanksRead More »

Ultremo ZX shredding

I bought a new bike at the end of January and the shop put Ultremo ZX tires on it. I have logged about 2500 miles and the sidewalls are shredding. threads are peeling off the sides non stop. I am switching back to GP4000s. anyone else see this with the Ultremos? I was going to give them another shot ... Read More »

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