Bellwether Convertible Jackets/Vests

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Product Description

Covering the need to have both a jacket and vest in one. Outstanding quality and value in a piece which converts instantly from jacket to vest. Tightly woven EXO-Grid fabric makes this jacket durable, windproof and water repellent while maintaining grea

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Jacket with a convertible back

Decades ago, some one was making and selling jackets that had a removable back panel with mesh underneath. The arms and front were a little thicker than thin windbreaker material. The idea was to keep your arms warm and stop the wind from coming in the front on mild and on colder winter days. ... Read More »

Castelli Men's Gabba Convertible Jacket?

Any of you have it? What do you like and dislike? How is the Castelli products and service in general? If you have a faulty product do they take care of you? Durability of zippers, seams and material? Good for what weather and conditions? Temps between what and what? does it have under arm vent ... Read More »

Is it possible to rent a classic V8 american convertible?

I'm thinking along the lines of chevrolet Corvette or impala, Ford mustang etc. the NEED to be V8s and they SHOULD be convertibles. The idea is to pick it up in the east coast and do route 66 with a friend. So does anyone ever rend out this kind of car? Has anyone ever actually done something lik ... Read More »

Would a one year old like the convertible?

The fam is taking a little vacation soon, and I'm picking out the rental car. Would a convertible make the boy scream in delight, or rub his red, wind-burned eyes? We're talking a forward facing car seat. Thanks homeys.Read More »

Convertible Aerobar Shifting

I'm considering a set of clip-on aerobars for my road bike for triathlon use, and would like to use a bar-end shifter for the rear cassette. BUT - I'd like to be able to remove the aerobars, and reconnect the shifting cable to the regular Ergolever, for "normal" road use. This seems like it ... Read More »

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