Briko Katana Jackets/Vests

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Product Description

  • New Tactic Reflect print
  • Funnel collar construction
  • Adjustable cuff with Velcro
  • Rubber-coated elastic band
  • Spacious rear pocket
  • Completely made of Dynamo Evolution Windshield 2 fabric

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Shogun Katana... And Hello!

Hi, thought I'd post on my first ever road bike and also introduce myself. I'm Sunny, 38 yo male, 6 ft. I started cycling to lose weight and get in better shape after my doc put me on BP meds last year. Starting out I weighed around 235 - 240 lb and as of this morning I'm at 188 lb and BP is now ba ... Read More »

Katana + Butterfly Knife + CORGI + Grandma

Hold my beer Granma, ima go knife dance fight.... Read More »

What to Buy? Schwinn Katana vs Tommaso Tiempo

Hey everybody, I'm new to the road biking scene and was looking to buy an entry level road bike. The schwinn goes for around 330 on and the tommaso Tiempo for 350 on Schwinn Katana: [url] ... Read More »

3Rensho Katana complete

I just finished building my 3Rensho Katana.. Here is the story behind the frame [url][/url] The build is all Dura Ace 7400 series.... I plan on going on a long ride tomorrow to test it out... I know I won't be disappointed:thum ... Read More »

3Rensho Katana frameset

I finally found my 3Rensho road frame...more accurate is the frame found me.. 2 weeks ago, I received a PM from a first time poster offering me a 3Rensho frame...Naturally, I was very sceptical.. After numerous email and a couple of phone calls the seller was in fact legitimate .. He bought t ... Read More »

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