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Slide into the Cutter Rain Cutter Jacket and get down to some rain-riding. This super-lightweight waterproof jacket will chase away the rainy day blues with soft, stretchy fabric and enough transparency to show off your team colors.

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Rain jacket--polyester or nylon?

I'm looking for a rain jacket. Not a winter jacket, but more of a spring or early fall jacket to use on a rainy day. There are a lot of nylon options, but lots of reviews say that they don't breathe and get too hot. The polyester options are breathable, but do they really repel the rain? My ... Read More »

Commuter rain jacket recommendation

Hello all, I am looking for a comfortable commuter rain jacket that is breathable and comfortable for daily commutes. The weather in my area is high humidity so I don't need a jacket that is entirely water proof but at least moisture wicking. Any help or recommendation would be appreciated.Read More »

Best rain jacket or vest? Or is it useless? Gore VS Event VS other membranes or coati

Something light, stuffable and not flapping in the wind? Castelli, Rapha, Voler, Assos, etc.? Are you just going to get wet from your sweat?Read More »

lite/packable rain jacket?

we've been getting a fair amount of rain here lately and its starting to cramp my ride time. the LBS has all the $300 rain jackets I can't afford and the online shops don't give much information. Looking for: 1) jersey pocket carry-able 2) breathable - its hot in 'Bama so a personal sauna isn't ... Read More »

your favorite light, breathable rain jacket?

Right now I have two options: my old PDM rain jacket that I bought in the mid-80s. It's still going strong, fits in my jersey pocket nicely, but it doesn't really breathe well. Then I have my Burley rain jacket, which is great for commuting when it is cold and pouring, but doesn't stash in the jerse ... Read More »

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