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Strava Premium

I signed up for Strava premium for one month as I was curious how my abilities hold up to other seniors (65+). So it turns out that a number 1 senior does not get to be KOM but you can be number 1. Not a lot of people my age out there but I am doing fine. No 1 in about a third of the segments and ... Read More »

1980s Celeste Bianchi in XXS - Premium for small and celeste?

Edit. Apparently I was wrong. These aren't rare at all.Read More »

Premium Cleanse - natural body cleanser!

[URL="http://premiumcleanse.com/"][B]Premium Cleanse[/B][/URL] is a great and advanced colon cleansing supplement that is created to help people gain clean, healthy and disinfected internal system. This product has all essential ingredients that help you lose undesired body weight and keep you fresh ... Read More »

Torque Settings for Carbon Front Mech Hanger... Scott Foil Premium

Hi all, I've sourced a 2013 Scott Foil Premium (54cm) and will be building it up with Ultegra Di2. Can someone please help or point me in the right direction in regards to torque settings for various areas of the bike, in particular the CARBON front mech hanger??? I have a Part Tool torque wrenc ... Read More »

Endomondo versus STRAVA or others for premium membership

Looking to pick up a premium membership on either Emdomondo or STRAVA for next year. Thoughts and suggestions? I have ordered the wahoo HRM strap so that side of the hardware is taken care of and will be utilizing my iPhone 5 for the unit. Thanks in advanceRead More »

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