Fuel Belt High Visibility Jackets/Vests

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Fuelbelt High Visibility Vests that are visible past a half mile. Visibility greater than half mile Full-length zipper Waterproof Machine washable Lightweight and form fitting

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Does high visibility jacket make you any safer?

For rainy days does a high visibility “yellow, neon” color add anything to the safety factor or is it all just bunk?Read More »

Orange high visibility jerseys

I was out riding yesterday, and saw this bicyclist wearing this orange jersey. It was the brightest orange jersey I have ever seen. It was solid orange, and I could see the guy for a long, long, long way off. Unfortunately, I couldn't catch him to ask him where he got it. Has anyone com ... Read More »

High visibility jackets - where to get them?

I love my ol' Burley rain jacket, but I've noticed a few commuters around town using the hi-vis jackets that are usually used by road crews or other workers. They are really bright and have acres of reflective tape. I've googled around looking for them with minimal success. Does anyone know of a ... Read More »

High-visibility (not rain) helmet cover?

Not looking for a rain cover for my helmet, I've found the Illuminite(sp) covers... I'm talking about a bright green or bright yellow helmet cover for my helmet, made of mesh for warm temps. Just bought a new helmet which is not very bright in color, so I'm wondering if a high-vis MESH cover exi ... Read More »

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