Ground Effect Pace Jackets/Vests

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Absolute warmth with minimum bulk. The Pace vest protects your torso from the wind and cold. It's a perfect over-layer when teamed up with a Slingshot or Cadence top. Turn it inside out to expose the hi-visibility lining when you need to be seen. Or stuff it in your bumbag as insurance against plummeting temperatures.

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Calculating ride pace?

I have a 22.5 mile route I ride nightly and I have been trying to track my progress. The ride has a few intersections and crosswalks, and the ocassional train. Should I subtract those stops when I'm calculating my pace, or do you include those as rests, and just figure that you'll make up the time. ... Read More »

Break Pace Etiquette During Practice Race

Hypothetically, during a practice race such as any Tuesday nighter, a 5 man break is rolling along at 27mph. Two of the riders are weaker and when they pull through and the pace drops to 25mph. The next guy to pull through ramps it back up plus some to say 28mph to keep the break away. In doing s ... Read More »

Single Pace line vs double

While I am NOT an experienced racing pro, I do ride in A groups. I believe that when in a double pace line you get a better drafting effect than in a single pace line. So here is my question. When I see the peliton strung out in a really long single pace line, Why don't the lead guys drop b ... Read More »

Coach me on how to ride a pace line.

Ok, so I'm comfortable drafting or riding with other cyclist what are the at close proximity, but what are the do's & don'ts of riding in a pace line? Thanks.Read More »

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