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Launch Arm and Leg Warmers

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How do you wear your arm sleeves and leg warmers?

Hi, noob here just curious on how some of you wear your arm sleeves and leg warmers. I know they go on your arms and legs, but do you wear them over your jersey's sleeves and shorts or under them? Dumb question I know just don't want to be that guy they call FRED.:confused:Read More »

Wash Frequency for wool and arm/leg warmers

I've got a sweet Swobo jersey (got it last week and love it - thnx to all the provided the initial wash info). This week I've done three straight hour fifteen minute rides (T W TH) and haven't washed the jersey once. I'm also doing another one today. I do where an underarmour compression baselaye ... Read More »

Leg and arm warmers

After riding this weekend in conditions where it was darn chilly in the morning, then warming up nicely in the PM, I think I see the benefit of leg and arm warmers. But I have no idea what to look for in these items, and the descriptions sound pretty much the same. Looking at Nashbar's site, they ... Read More »

Arm and leg warmers..

Do the arm and leg warmers work? I am worried that they might not hold well and slip down the arm and leg? They are starting to go on sale and I am thinking about picking up a set for next year if they actually work. Thanks in advance for your help.Read More »

Santini arm and leg warmers in O.C.?

I'm looking for a bike shop in the Orange County/ Los Angeles area that stocks Santini arm and leg warmers. Any help would be great!! Thanks! HUGH :)Read More »

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