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What's your favorite vest?

Looking to grab some new riding clothes soon. I don't mind spending $$$ on more expensive stuff, as long as it fits well and lasts long (from washing). Though, I'm a big fan of lightweight cycling vests. I live in California, so it never gets too cold.. [B]what do you guys think of wearing a base ... Read More »

Benefits of a wind vest

I have a good buddy who gifted me a Campagnolo wind vest but I'm not 100% sure what to use it for. I get that I use it when it's windy, but what benefit does it give me? Will I be faster? slower? Probably a dumb question but oh well.Read More »

What's your favorite vest

Anybody got a favorite winter vest or one they hate?Read More »

Arm & Knee warmers + Vest

I wear Castelli XL in bibs, jersey and jacket. Would I be the same in warmers? I figured to edit this rather than start a new topic. What Castelli vest's have rear pockets? I can't seem to find one. Thanks.Read More »

Best rain jacket or vest? Or is it useless? Gore VS Event VS other membranes or coati

Something light, stuffable and not flapping in the wind? Castelli, Rapha, Voler, Assos, etc.? Are you just going to get wet from your sweat?Read More »

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