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Look Ultra Cycling Jacket is composed of multiple portions of high-tech fabric come to form anatomic panels, connected to each other with external, flat 3 point seams. The fabrics used are of the highest quality two way stretch produced with an exclusive

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Chorus 11 Controls with Ultra 6800 Derailleurs?

EDIT: unless someone knows something more, it looks like my question has been answered and that this will NOT work because of different actuation ratios in Campy and Shimano Derailleurs. Hi all – Background on me: - huge fan of campy ultrashift controls - insist on doing all my own wrenching - w ... Read More »

Marathon runner converting to Ultra cycling: Needs help

I thank anyone in advance for replying. I was forced to retire from marathon running due to a partial knee replacement. I was told I could cycle as much as I want by my Orthopedic doc. So, therefore I have chosen to take up Ultra cycling. Unfortunately, I am still rehabbing my knee and have no ex ... Read More »

new Shamal Ultra wobble

Hi guys, Yesterday I received a new set of Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Clinchers. I bought the wheelset because of good reviews and it seemed to fit my requirements. The first thing I did was put them on a truing stand and that's when the disappointment set in. The front wheel was not true at all. I' ... Read More »

Campagnolo Bullet Ultra 80mm Review

Just wanted to share my recent experience (roughly 500 miles worth) of riding on these wheels. Just a little background on the reviewer: I am 5' 10" and ~200 lbs (90kgs) with a background in track sprinting. Most of my weekday rides are <1hr and my weekends usually involve 40-50 mile rides. I lov ... Read More »

Frame recommendation wanted!! (that goes with shamal ultra)

Hello, I have been thinking about getting a new frame, and for now, I plan to keep my shamal ultra. I mainly ride hills, so I would want a lighter frame and no aero-effect is needed. So of all those great frames, which frame looks best with shamal ultra? [I mean Design-wise lol] Thanks in advanceRead More »

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