Louis Garneau Super Lite Jackets/Vests

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The Super Lite Jacket is the perfect solution when threatening weather is on the horizon. Louis Garneau's Super Lite fabric keeps out the chill packs effortlessly and mesh inserts offer extra breathability when conditions warm up.

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Vuelta Corsa, yea or nay, which model lite/super lite/slr?

Hi, I just started biking this year, mostly doing mountain biking, but just bought a road bike. (I am 6'1 170 pedaling flats on a 56cm 2013 Tarmac mid-compact, complete with DT Axis 1.0 wheel set at 1950g) I've been reading about possible wheel sets to ask Santa for. Seems like the vuelta corsa li ... Read More »

Vuelta Corsa Super Lite vs. Pro-Lite Bracciano

Trying to decide whether to buy a set of Vuelta Corsa Super Lites or Pro-Lite Bracciano wheels. They're both sub-1500 grams and will cost about $350 w/ shipping. Anybody have any recommendations? Also open to Neuvations, although they're heavier, and this new company called Fuzion out of Californ ... Read More »

2003 Fuji Team Super Lite

I just picked up a used Fuji team SL for 650. It will be my first road bike. I was wondering if that's a good deal or not? I won it off ebay and the guy said there were less then 100 miles on it. I was just curious what everyone else thought. I'm pretty excited though nonetheless. Thanks for any inp ... Read More »

ultimate pro ultralight vs park super lite

Cashing in some gift cards I got for Christmas on a repair stand... The store the cards are for carries the Ultimate Pro Ultralight and the Park Super Light... Except for a difference of about 3 lbs, not sure which one is the better stand... They are the same price... Any suggestions?Read More »

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