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In comparison to all other cycling apparel, we'd argue that rain jackets present the most complications with regard to design and construction. A great rain jacket has a tough job and must meet many requirements. Most obvious, we'd want it to be water-resistant, but not stifle us. We want it to be compact and stuffable, but warm enough for rain showers in the spring and fall. The Rapha Rain Jacket treads that fine line where high performance and overkill meet without stepping over and spoiling the experience.With the Rapha Rain Jacket, one of our favorite clothing companies gives us a piece of essential cycling wear that isn't just dynamic, but beautiful as well. First and foremost, this is an intensely water-resistant jacket -- due to its fabric, fully-taped seams at the neckline and shoulders, waterproof zipper, and neoprene cuffs (a detail we love, by the way.) The attention to detail extends all the way to the back of the jacket as the tail is cut long to keep tire spray from jetting up your back.The Rain Jacket is small enough to stuff into a rear jersey pocket, so you can use it as a wind shell for mountainous descents. Part of its stuffability is that it lacks any excess material. This also means a slender, form-fitting cut, and you'll avoid the parachute effect at speed. While it's an outstanding shell for lousy weather, you can think of it ultimately as a more versatile version of Rapha's beloved Stowaway jacket, i.e. it's well-suited to give you a layer of nice warmth on dry, cool days.The style factor is in full effect with the Rapha Rain Jacket. You get reflective Rapha logos at the lower back and collar; the cuffs and side panels have reflective trim; and the counter-color armband makes it look visually tight. And Rapha's signature offset zipper makes it obvious that this is Rapha.

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Rain jacket--polyester or nylon?

I'm looking for a rain jacket. Not a winter jacket, but more of a spring or early fall jacket to use on a rainy day. There are a lot of nylon options, but lots of reviews say that they don't breathe and get too hot. The polyester options are breathable, but do they really repel the rain? My ... Read More »

Any one go out for rain rides

Any of you guys go out for a ride because it's raining? Do you do any thing different? Like a second bike with say wider tires then your normal bike or a second set of wheels? I have a winter bike that doesn't get much use in the summer. But I run Spec Roubaix tires on it for winter riding. And do y ... Read More »

Rain causes flats?

While at work I keep an eye on the TdF, which today is again an aquatic adventure, on my iPad with Cycing News Tour Tracker app. In the live news feed there is repeated reference to how the rain is causing flats: [QUOTE]The rain has caused a series of punctures in the peloton[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]The r ... Read More »

Help me find a crit/backup/rain bike frame

So I've only got one road bike right now - a Lynskey R340 that I bought two years ago, swapped the Ultegra 6700 group from old bike on to it as well. Enve 2.0 fork. It's a great, great bike, best I've ever ridden. I'm not going to race it though, because I don't want to destroy it. I'm kind of f ... Read More »

Rain Jackets - Black ONLY?

I cannot believe in this day and age the sponsors cannot make rain jackets that have their team logos on it! Team Columbia has nice logo jackets (and even shoe covers have Columbia logo) but even then they are mostly black. Astana and Lampre have custom color jackets. So many plain black jackets. ... Read More »

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