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Rapha's ostentation is its subtlety. The simpler it seems, the more sophisticated the object is. The Wind Jacket fits with this model. Nylon windproof jacket. Not much to it, or so you might think.There really is lots to it. Rapha uses nylon fabric that stretches readily and is water-resistant. This elasticity makes it easier to pull the jacket over a bulky jersey, and it means that it moves with you as you're riding. It also means they can, and did, design the Wind Jacket to fit close to your body. It feels less like wearing a flapping plastic bag and more like an aerodynamic, windproof interpretation of a jersey. The side panels help create this more three-dimensional torso hugging fit. The design is cut to fit a cyclist well when riding, which means the sleeves are a bit long for a normal jacket, and the tail of the jacket drops a bit to give your backside decent coverage on damp roads. While it's not completely waterproof, it can shed the occasional squall and certainly protect you from tire spray. The real beauty of its water-resistant nature is the breathability that goes hand in hand with ...the Rapha Wind Jacket is simple, yet sophisticated... the lighter material. You'll be less likely to overheat, and its packability is impressive.The zipper doesn't go straight down the middle of the jacket, but a bit off to the right side. It pooches less at the bottom, and the pull tab won't rub your neck so easily when it's all the way up. Rapha's use of a waterproof zipper may beg the question; why waterproof when the jacket is not? The answer lies in its windproofness, and should you get caught out battling into the wind and rain, at least the insipient wetness won't begin at your chest. A draft flap behind the zip helps it go up and down easily without snagging your jersey. The wrists are covered with soft Lycra cuffs to seal your arms from penetration by chilly winds.The waist hem as two friction locks on the elastic waist cord so you can adjust how snug it sits against your body. A friction lock is a simple device where the cord slides through easily until you lift it into a slit, where the narrowness of the slit holds the cord in place.For finishing touches, the shoulders and sleeves are taped on the outside. The shoulder tape is a rough material that can nicely grip backpack straps. The tape on the sleeves is reflective, which complements the reflective Rapha logos. The front pocket is low and unobtrusive, and just large enough to fit a smart phone. There's a second piece of material in the back of the collar to stiffen it a bit without you noticing the stiffness, and under that piece is a loop for hanging the jacket. And for all these features, the jacket weighs a mere 165g (claimed) in a size Medium.The Rapha Wind Jacket comes in three colors -- Blue, Pink, and Pewter. Sizes run from Small to XX-Large.

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