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Saw 'Into The Storm'...

Yep, it's pretty much [B]exactly[/B] what you think it'd be... tornado p0rn, plenty of special effects/CGI, not much in the way of innovative storytelling, not much in the way of interesting characters or acting. Basically, a made-for-TV type of movie with a bigger budget. To be fair, you get the f ... Read More »

storm damage or more fun and home ownership

or.....bobcat 1, tree 0 ! Storm came screaming through last night,, I'm guessing about 1:00 or 1:30 this morning, Lace was fussing and barking, I came down assuming she needed to go out but that was NOT what she wanted (as hard as it was raining) At 6:45 my sister called, there was a HUGE branch on ... Read More »

Winter Storm Maximus??

Doubt we'll truly get 2' of snow as word-on-the-street would have it.... though it would be a sweet way to start next week!! :cool: My secret wish is that we get SO much snow, the roads close completely and we get to ski/snowshoe everywhere. 'course nothing would be open :rolleyes: Anybody els ... Read More »

Winter Storm Janus

They *had* to give winter storms names. Well, karma bites them in the "janus." Courtesy of Bike Snob:Read More »

some ice storm pix from Texas

People from other (colder) climates like to pile on whenever Texas gets paralyzed by a winter storm. But they often don't realize a couple things: (1) This was not a snow storms, it was an ice storm. It was literally raining sleet and freezing rain, torrentially like a major thunderstorm except ... Read More »

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