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Another hurricane/tropical storm aftermath...

I've been so busy that I missed the announcement that the storm was expected. On the way to taking Mrs Pare to the train yesterday morning when is is already pouring she says "Maybe it would be a good idea to clean the downspouts?" (You know how this song goes...) So back at the ranch(house) I ... Read More »

Winter Storm Triton.

Okay, despite being a snow lover, I'm getting disenchanted with all these storms. Most of what we got last week melted in the past day, along with some rain, and there is minor flooding around here and in the garage :) Forecast is for 5-9" of new snow. I am starting to long for the warm sun upon my ... Read More »

Winter Storm Brutus!

WTF? Apparently the Weather Channel, in their quest to dramaticize normal meteorological occurances, has taken it upon themselves to start naming winter storms. I woke up to 8" of snow in my town this morning "Oh nooooez, it's WINTER STORM BRUTUS"! Repeat after me, this is the Rockies. It often ... Read More »

STORM SANDY the Perfect Storm New Enland Folks

Sandy is going to hit us Monday or Tuesday almost to the day when New York and New England was hit by the [url=]Halloween Nor'Easter 2011[/url]. The storm will come ashore during high tide. They say it could be a $2 billion storm and cripple ... Read More »

Been Modding up a storm, time for Photo Friday Funnies

Try to keep them clean- I am one more reported post away from drinking my dinner.Read More »

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