Showers Pass Double Century Jackets/Vests

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If you need a 'just in case' shell that looks and acts more like a real jacket than a trash bag, the Showers Pass Double Century Jacket will keep you dry and looking prepared next time the forecast is wrong. Since that talking bobblehead on television is nearly always wrong, the Double Century is a great jacket to have in your jersey pocket or messenger bag.

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2013 Sequoia Double Metric Century 200K

[video=youtube;NVn-7idnNFk][URL=""]7idnNFk[/video][/URL] I was planing to do only 100 miles , but my club mate wanted to do the full 200K. The route got us up close to the Pescade ... Read More »

Seattle to Portland - Looking for a Double Century Team

I am going to tackle the STP in July this year and am shooting for a one day ride. I currently am a bike commuter, so putting in about 25 miles a week already, but am about to start ramping up with my trainer. Looking to join a team or put one together for drafting and potentially training sessi ... Read More »

2012 White Mountain Double Century - should've started earlier

19 1/2 minute[URL=""] video report of the ride[/URL] We drove about 7 hours to the town of Bishop California to take part in the White Mountain Double Century 200 mile bicycle ride. The ride takes you u ... Read More »

Newbie Experience Training for Double Century (STP)

I have received such great information on this site that I though I would share what I learned going from a couch potato to completing a double century in 5 months. In the interest of full disclosure, the ride was the Seattle to Portland (STP) and we did it in two days. As far as double centuries ... Read More »

To the Beach = Double Century

Long distance, one day ride from Hazleton, Pa to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The ride is 212 miles. Will need to have at least 2 other people confirmed for this ride to take place. This will be a no one left behind event. This will likely be an unsupported ride. We will have to stage a vehicle in Reho ... Read More »

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