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Specialized's SL Rain Jacket could be the difference between going long and going home. It's made of light and protective polyester for excellent...

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Roval Rapide SL 35?

Is there anyone with experience with the Roval Rapide SL 35 wheels? I've looked at them a few times and they seem very nice. DT hub internals (no idea which ones) and DT Revolution spokes on a 35mm deep and 22mm wide 'aero' shaped alloy rim (looks a bit similar to the Zipp 101 toroidal shape). The w ... Read More »

Replacement for Shimano Revoshift SL-RS41-8A shifter?

Hello My folding bike comes with an eight-speed [URL="http://www.totalbike.com/shop/item_lookup_live.php?ItemID=B002ND32XO"]Shimano Revoshift SL-RS41-8[/URL] shifter. Although I didn't apply force and heard no funny noise, it seems broken: Even with no cable engaged, it can't go above 6, ie. speed ... Read More »

Help me find 2010 or 2011 Scott CR1 SL 56 Frameset

After searching ebay for the past month I thought I'd try a forum hail mary. I am looking for a new or used frameset to swap out a 58. If anyone has one and is interested in selling please PM me. Any advice to locate one is also appreciated. Thanks, JoelRead More »

LeChamp SL Ti headset issue...

I have a 2012 LeChamp SL Ti that the headset keep loosening up on. It's not terrible--just a very small but noticeable bit of play develops over the course of a few weeks. Where I ride, there are many short stretches of not-so-great roads. Is it normal for this kind of riding to loosen the headse ... Read More »

Zip SL 145 question

Quick question: Is the spacer in this stem just some sort of shim for smaller steer tubes? AKA can I install the stem without the shim? Thanks.Read More »

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