Specialized SL Jackets/Vests

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Specialized's SL Rain Jacket could be the difference between going long and going home. It's made of light and protective polyester for excellent...

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Seven axiom/axiom sl or IF ti crown jewel with carbon seat tube

I'm really torn between these options and would appreciate your views on the pros and or cons of any of the 3 options above. Im about 130lbs, and intending on using the bike for long commutes of up to 2 hrs a few times a week so need a comfortable bike which arguably shouldnt be an issue for any o ... Read More »

Hey there! My Trek Emonda SL-8 has finally arrived......

Here's a quick picture of her being built up. She's one beautiful bike. More photos to follow in the upcoming days. I'm so excited. Can't wait to get on her and go! [ATTACH=CONFIG]300737[/ATTACH]Read More »

Motobecane Mirage SL. First bike opinions.

After visiting my two local shops there is no way I can afford $800+ for there lowest line bike. I am considering the Motobecane Mirage SL at the moment and think it is a good values. Do the Claris shifters function the same as higher level shifters? I live in a pretty flat area with minimal hills. ... Read More »

Emonda SL frameset

Looks like the SL frame set price went up to 2199$$ all of the sudden on the Trek website. ***** my bad, it was the Australian site not USRead More »

Ordered an EMonda SL 8 after riding Cannondale for years...

Hi, after about 4 years riding a Cannondle SuperSix (SRAM, non hi mod frame) I decided to get an Emonda SL 8 (H2 compact). The geometry seems very close and the Emonda should be much more comfortable and just as fast. I am hoping since I could not test ride one. I just looked at the numbers. No way ... Read More »

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