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Restricting Airflow Through Nose-TT Warm-up Question

What's the science behind restricting air through the nose while warming up for say an ITT? I'm referring to guys that have cotton balls jammed up their nose while on the trainer. I'm guessing to increase the ability to blow off CO2? The abstracts are pretty abstract. :)Read More »

Day-Before-Race Warm up?

Hey Guys, I was just wondering what you guys do the day before a crit race. I have heard that doing a kind of "warm up" or "opener" the day before is a good idea to keep your legs fresh and ready to race. The thing is, I've heard conflicting opinions on what is ideal to do. I have heard doing a shor ... Read More »

Warm-up has a new meaning on mornings like this

I put in about 11 miles on my bike this morning, less than half of what I intended to ride this morning because it is damn cold around here. Most of the week has been cool, but sunny enough to compensate. I've been riding in a long-sleeved jersey and shorts. This morning was overcast, and my effor ... Read More »

Warm up for 3km TT?

Hello all just after some advice for a warm up for a prologue that is 2.6km long or 1.86 miles, very short TT i know! I have read that the shorter the tt the longer the warmup but im not sure what efforts are needed in the warm up! Cheers.Read More »

How to warm up for a TT?

Looking for recommendations on how to properly warm up for a 6 mile, relatively flat, time trial? I want to get properly warmed up, but not over do it. If it means anything I usually feel like it takes me 10 or so miles to feel best on group rides, and I have a crit and road race in the days followi ... Read More »

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