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What chamois do the pros train/ride 100+ mile rides on? Firm like the Sugoi RSE or di

Diaper like the Assos or very thin and light like others? I have tried a number of shorts and bibs, but not the $$$$$ Assos. I really like my Sugoi RS and RSE bib so far they seem to be the best I have tried. The RS and RSE are the same multi thickness and firm chamois/pad under the ishial tuberos ... Read More »

SugoI RSE Jersey $49.93 - Sun & Ski

Sun & Ski Sports has the Sugoi RSE Jersey for $49.93, I believe this is Sugoi's top of the line. [URL=""]Sugoi RSE[/URL]Read More »

Assos T FI.Uno S5 vs Sugoi RSE Bib Shorts

I am looking for comfort and quality comparison for the Assos T FI.Uno S5 vs Sugoi RSE Bib Shorts. I will be using the bib shorts for longer rides (75+ miles). I currently have a pair of Sugoi RS bibs and the new Performance Ultra bibs.Read More »

Seeking Advice on steering tube rse

My comfortable position on a bike is pretty upright. There are a few reasons for it but it come down to comfort. I have a Reynolds Comp Ouzo II fork that has either an aluminum or aluminum alloy riser (I saw it referred to both ways). The fork is already cut at a height that is too low for me. T ... Read More »

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