Sugoi Shift Jackets/Vests

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Sugoi Shift Jacket is a highly functional wing and rain resistant outerwear essential. Evolved fit and small details make it one of the nicest pieces of cycling apparel on the market today

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10-speed record brake/shift lever rebuild - any place in the North East?

branford bike is just WAY too far away to send my rear brake/shift lever for a rebuild. i'm in western massachusetts. none of the local shops are versed in this process does anybody know of a place closer to the north east?Read More »

Using a Dura Ace Brake Shift Lever Set. Left Side

I want to try and go to a triple because of some recent knee problems that I don't want to become chronic. Can I use my Regular Dura Ace Brake shift Left Side Lever set to Operate a Triple or does it have to be Excusively a Triple Lever Set . I have a New Triple Chain wheel from 2009, I believe i ... Read More »

Rear Derailleur Doesn't Want to Up Shift Cleanly

Howdy Having some trouble with my rear der. It's a 105 ten speed. First, it seemed to get out of sync with the shifters- I had to give it an extra tap to get it to go into the gear I wanted, then tap back to get it to shut up. Then it wouldn't go onto the smallest cog when trying to upshift, but i ... Read More »

Can't Shift Into Larger Cogs on Rear

I am on the smaller cog in the front and when I attempt to shift the bike into the larger cogs on the back the gears/chain begin to "pop". If I attempt to get into the largest cog on the back it will not even go into it and it begins to jump between the two gears. I can post a video later of it but ... Read More »

Can't seem to get front derailleur to shift. What do I do?

I replaced my shifters to 105 5700, but for some reason I can't seem to install the cable correctly - I've routed it down the downtube and through the guide underneath the bottom bracket like it was with my old shifter. I then pulled the cable taut and tightened the bolt (cable on right side of bolt ... Read More »

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