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The Colorado Cycling Jersey is made of Polyester Euro-Mesh Microfiber with Airdry Technology...

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Crested Butte Colorado

Did anyone go to the Mountain bike rally this past week? There were riders everywhere, Didn't know it was going on as I took my family up just for summer vacation. Definitely will be going back. There were as many road riders as MTBr's. WE stayed in Gunnison. I have never seen a town so bike fr ... Read More »

Random question about colorado cyclists

So I am moving to Colorado in may-June 2014!!! I'm excited, no doubt, but I have a question: I have heard that most cyclists out there are WAY BETTER than cyclists in other places. I live in Athens, GA, and we have quite a few pro riders, and quite a few guys of pro-caliber (Not my perception of ... Read More »

Red Rocks Century Colorado

Has anybody done it? Comments would be appreciated. Thinking of pulling the trigger and doing it in August, but it's new to me. [url=http://www.redrockscentury.com/]Red Rocks Century[/url]Read More »

Colorado peoples, plan my vaca for me. kthx

SO...flying into Denver on Aug 21 (a wednesday morning) and staying until the 25 (sun). We want to spend a day/half day watching part of the USAPC race (in addition to what we'll see in Denver Sunday before leaving). We also want to spend at least one day on a river...maybe two. We would like to eit ... Read More »

JOHN MORSE: Colorado Recalls A Senator For The First Time

Senator John Morse was just the victim of Colorado's first ever recall for his anti-gun actions. It wasn't the fact that he was anti-gun that got him axed, but rather it was the fact that he openly ignored his constituents and did not represent them. What I found funny is that the organizers of the ... Read More »

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