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Airborne Team Jersey

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Which 2014 TdF Team jersey would you buy/wear?

When Blel Kadri of AG2R La Mondiale won Stage 8, I noticed that his bibs/jersey were made by Descente. The blue/brown color scheme isn't all that exciting, but I've always like Descente gear. I'm drawn to the red of the BMC and Lotto jerseys, though the PI gear is almost as expensive as BMC bikes. ... Read More »

Colombian women's cycling team causes stir with unfortunate 'naked' jersey design

Story (with pictures) in the [URL=""]Independent[/URL] (UK)Read More »

Rapha Pro Team Bib Shorts and Jersey

So, I finally threw down and purchased some Rapha pro team bib shorts and a jersey (for about 1/3 the cost of the first road bike I ever had). Despite my skepticism, after an intense high tempo 90 mile ride yesterday, I can honestly say they are the best road bike apparel products I have ever used. ... Read More »

Does each TDF team bring KOM, yellow, green, white variants of jersey/bib/helmet?

I've always wondered how this works: So, I just dropped a bunch of TdF suckas, blasted through whatever gates they had set up on top of each climb and won the right to wear the red dots. Next day, I show up at the starting line polka'd out head to toe, helmet included... where the hell does this ... Read More »

Another questionable team jersey

This one is either a disaster or genius, depending on your point of view. Lizzie Armistead and Laura Trott model them for you. Team member Martine Bras probably declined due to the unfortunate major pun issue of her name. Just who designs these things anyway and is there no-one checking out someo ... Read More »

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