Assos SS.Equipe Jerseys

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If the jersey-design braintrusts behind ProTour teams had this sort of talent for designing stylish clothing, pro cycling would be that much more beautiful. The combination of lush green, gold and white on this jersey will melt your heart and make you forget that Brazil is a soccer factory seemingly incapable of producing even a single Lucho Herrera or Santiago Botero-like cycling export. This jersey really is that gorgeous -- when their team shows up to the World Championship Road Race and gets dropped en masse on Lap 1, it's OK by us because they look that sharp.This Assos Brazil Federation Short Sleeve Jersey is the exact one worn by the Brazilian riders at Worlds. The main fabric (you'll find it used on the front panels and arms) is known as "Type 151", and it represents Assos' innovation with body temperature regulation. When you're hot it accelerates moisture transfer from your skin to the fabric to the air. But when you cool down it slows down that moisture transfer process, using body moisture as a means of retaining warmth. The side panels and armpits are made with an ultralight 4-way stretch spandex that allows the jersey to perfectly contour to your body regardless of how your body is angled -- more upright when climbing, or arched-over in the drops at speed.In terms of fit, the Assos Brazil Federation Short Sleeve Jersey fits in between the ss.Mille and the ss.Uno. You wouldn't call it snug (like the ss.13), but the patterning doesn't lead to a fit as relaxed as the ss.Mille. It has a full zipper, a zippered "safety" pocket for keys or your iPod, in addition to its regular rear pockets and reflective rear panels. It's available in six sizes from Small-TIR. (Remember, in the Assos world, XLG=XXL, and TIR=XXXL.)

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