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Does each TDF team bring KOM, yellow, green, white variants of jersey/bib/helmet?

I've always wondered how this works: So, I just dropped a bunch of TdF suckas, blasted through whatever gates they had set up on top of each climb and won the right to wear the red dots. Next day, I show up at the starting line polka'd out head to toe, helmet included... where the hell does this ... Read More »

Another questionable team jersey

This one is either a disaster or genius, depending on your point of view. Lizzie Armistead and Laura Trott model them for you. Team member Martine Bras probably declined due to the unfortunate major pun issue of her name. Just who designs these things anyway and is there no-one checking out someo ... Read More »

Browns Jersey , Cowboys Jerseys football jerseys in team color

Said goalie Jose Theodore: "We did accomplish many points as a team. We did specific things people didn't expect. Everyone knows what our potential is. I cannot need a take a step back. Teams rrs going to be ready for folks, but can certainly therapies has the potential. We should handle things ligh ... Read More »

Joe Flacco Jersey , Indianapolis Colts Jerseys football jerseys in team color

When is a job contract lawyer necessary? Before anything else, there are lots of reasons make fish an individual or company might want a work contract lawyer from this technologically advance times. Legal experts, like for example law solicitors, which can up to date with the text and laws regarding ... Read More »

Cycling Team Jersey?

Has anyone ever bought from this website? The prices seems too good to be true. [url=]Cycling jerseys of pro cycling teams, shipping from USA.[/url]Read More »

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