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Whether it's a double-century weekend or just an after-work cruise, Bellwether's System Jersey will have you riding in total comfort. It features...

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Giordana EXO system - jersey, bibs - any experience?

As the post says, any experience with the Giordana EXO system--jersey, bibs, etc.? Kind of a new approach, curious to know if it is all marketing or if it actually does 'work'.Read More »

Which clipless system is this?

Hi everyone, First post on this forum. Actually, I'm just getting into road riding too. I grew up on a mountain bike on the west coast and have decided to give road biking a try. Picked up a vintage Bianchi in fantastic shape at a garage sale and am loving it so far! I got a pair of clipless shoes ... Read More »

Williams System 38

Does anyone have any experience with the Williams System 38 wheels? i was looking into getting those and haven't really found many reviews about them. I was curious as to what type of wheel shape they were, how quickly the hubs spin up, warranty/customer service of williams etc etc? Any and all i ... Read More »

10spd chain on an 8 spd system.

I posted this in mtbr, no luck. Here is my problem . It's a mtn bike issue. I have a full squishy where I replaced the 32 with a 36 tth chainring. Now the last two rides the chain has gotten caught between the linkage and the 36tth. Once it gets there I have to break the chain to get it out. ... Read More »

MILITARY SPENDING: National Defense is essentially a welfare system

Bipartisan support for spending another half billion or so upgrading the Abrams tank, DESPITE the fact that the Army doesn't want to do so. [url=]Army says no to more tanks, but Congress insists[/url]Read More »

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