Briko Shot Jerseys

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  • MAXI DRY jersey
  • Comfort bike wearability
  • Triple rear pocket

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Big Shot Bikes?

When buying my first single-speed/fixie, it was between Big Shot and Pure Fix. Both around the same price point but I went with Big Shot because they're based out here in Colorado. Good decision? My only complaints are the brakes because they're really cheap and the lack of a good manual for a bra ... Read More »

Williams wheel shot already

I thought I could get more miles on my Williams 30X wheels than 10,000 miles. What do you think. The lbs said I needed a new hub. By the time a put a new hub on the rear wheel, I could add some money to it and just by a new set. I forgot to add, I'm 190# and all those miles are on very good roads. ... Read More »

Kickalicious! Amazing football kicker trick-shot artist

I read in the paper this morning that this Norwegian kicker is being given a shot by the Detroit Lions to make their team, but he is famous for a video of this trick shots that he put together last year. Just saw this for the first time and it's pretty unbelievable stuff. The kick around 0:44 kick ... Read More »

Johnny Manziel ... trick shot edition

Johnny Football sinks some amazing shots at Kyle Field. Read More »

Speedplay bearings shot

The needle bearings in one of my speedplay pedals has gone all wrong. What are my options here? [IMG][/IMG] I think I read you can't replace those...Read More »

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