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  • MAXI DRY jersey
  • Comfort bike wearability
  • Triple rear pocket

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What on earth is with all these people being shot by police in the US?

A guy goes shopping, and ends up dead? Shot by the police? [url][/url] What on earth could possibly have justified this?Read More »

Radonneur shot while riding in BC, Canada

Front the CBC... A 59-year-old Burnaby man was shot and seriously injured early Sunday morning near Spences Bridge, B.C., while taking part in a randonneur road cycling event. The cyclist has been identified as Craig Premack, by his family. Lytton RCMP said he was cycling on Highway 1 just ... Read More »

Cyclist shot on randonneur ride (BC)

I'm at the other end of the country but this is appalling news, thankfully the rider was not killed. [url=]B.C. randonneur cyclist shot during Cache Creek 600 - British Columbia - CBC News[/ ... Read More »

Shot in the dark? WTB Campy 3-way wrench New

I've had the Campy 6mm wrench with a socket on one end and a 5mm Hex allen for a handle. It is without question my most used bike tool. But it has one disadvantage. 9mm on the socket end doesn't match the nut size on Campy brakes. Campy made a 9mm companion to my wrench. Anyone have one they w ... Read More »

Core shot. ski/snowboard repair

I've been riding my 168 Ride Timeless for 5+ years now. Last year on a ski vacation with the in-laws I rented a shorter snowboard and liked the improved handling of a shorter stick. It was shockingly quicker edge to edge and just all around more playful, especially at slow speeds. I hit eBay to fin ... Read More »

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