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Dead gorgeous J.P. Weigle for sale on Paceline Forum

An extraordinary frame, and I am totally digging this paint job: [url=]FS: Mid 80's JP Weigle First Gen C Record as seen in Playboy, Bicycling Mag - The Paceline Forum[/url] Many special bits including a Campy 50th Anni ... Read More »

28MPH Paceline

So I was reading a review on a Scott Foil bike. The author, Hunter Allen, stated in the article that he was able to ride in a 28-30 mph paceline at 190 watts. Is this possible? I am familiar with what 190 watts feels like. However, never ridden in a 28-30 mph paceline. Seems like massive speed ... Read More »

Handling no-warning route turns in a paceline

The scenario: You're leading a paceline of experienced riders, some of whom you may not know, on a century ride with road markings. Speed is 20 mph. You may even be on a 1% downhill grade. You see an event road marking and suddenly realize that you are just 30 feet from a right turn that cannot be t ... Read More »

Paceline efficiency

We have a group of 14 to 16 riders that are going to try and ride an under 5 hours century as a group. With a group of that size is a double rotating paceline going to be a much better option than a standard double paceline wth both lead riders pulling off at the same time? The forcast calls for wi ... Read More »



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