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Paceline efficiency

We have a group of 14 to 16 riders that are going to try and ride an under 5 hours century as a group. With a group of that size is a double rotating paceline going to be a much better option than a standard double paceline wth both lead riders pulling off at the same time? The forcast calls for wi ... Read More »

Paceline question

We have a group of about 20 that are going to try and do a sub 5 hour century this fall. Various members of the group have come out for some training rides over the last few weekends. The "leader" of the group insists on a double rotating paceline. The problem is that so far we suck at doing it. ... Read More »

The big double paceline TTTs of Norway

We seem to have a very weird way of doing long distance races/granfondos in my part of the world. We do them as big TTTs, double paceline with a tech support car behind the peloton. The season culiminated last weekend with Styrkeprøven (The Trial of Strenght). My club had one team for the 540 km, no ... Read More »

Aero Bars in a Paceline

Before you get too vocal over the obvious faux pas here, spare a thought for the skill involved in keeping it together enough to get the bike off the road Happy to report there were only a couple of minor scratches.Read More »

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