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Capo Monza Jerseys

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Product Description

The Capo Monza Race-inspired jersey featuring a blend of carbon and silver micro-fiber, contoured paneling and flat-lock seam construction. Navy Blue or White. Matching bib shorts available.

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Sprint Monza Comp C or BTWIN Triban300

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial]Hi. I want to buy my first race bike. I only use it for leisure and short 10-15 Km rides, 2-3 times a week. First, I wanted to buy the cheapest one and I found some Vikings (150-200£). Now, I didn't expect for them to be exceptional quality but I heard they're absolutely r ... Read More »

Giro Monza rubbing tops of ears

Does anyone, or has anyone experienced this? Basically the grey rubber straps that lock around my noggin seem to rub the tops of my ears, the position where the arms of sunglasses would normally rest. The rubber straps cut into the tops of my ears. Wearing my riding sunglasses does not seem to aid o ... Read More »

giro monza or bell ghisallo

I am looking for a new helmet ethier the monza or ghisallo. Does anyone have opinions about these two?Read More »

Read More »



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