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Capo Turismo Jerseys

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Capo Turismo Short Sleeve Jersey: Like a Gran Turismo through the rolling Tuscan countryside, the new Turismo collection embodies the finer side of cycling ? simple and classic in design yet rich in technology. The jersey utilizes our exceptionally...

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Want a Gran Turismo? You'd better hurry.

Well. The brand-name ho's and LBS shills may not like the Motobecane Gran Turismo, but the NYC thieves sure do. Gone like a fifth of gin. It stood up to the streets of NYC. The Dura Ace brifters/XT Rapid Rise rear shifted like a dream. Front derailleur/crankset left a bit to be desired, but I was g ... Read More »

Wilier Gran Turismo Cable Routing - Crossed over or not?

Hi all, after struggling with my gear setup for the past few months I thought I'd change the cables over to see if it improved the situation with my 10 spd ultegra. The shifting has never felt great from day one and the new cables have done nothing to improve the setup, whihc got me thinking about ... Read More »

WILIER GRAN TURISMO OWNERS - water bottle mounts on bottom of downtube?

Just received a Wilier Gran Turismo frameset. In addition to the normal water there are water bottle mounts on the bottom of the downtube. These mounts do not show up in any internet posted photos of the framset I was able to view. Is this a defect? Any Gran Turismo owners out there who can advise? ... Read More »

Wilier Cento1 or Gran Turismo?

Looking for some wisdom from current Wilier owners. A little about me. I'm a 54 year old male and have been riding now for three years. I ride between 4500-5000 mile per year in an area that has many flat, rolling and hilly areas. I enjoy all three :) I'm in pretty good shape after dropping 50 poun ... Read More »

finalists-- Colnago CLX 3.0 vs. Wilier Grand Turismo

Hi I'm new to the forums. A former MTB rider (sometimes racer) now living in SF bay penninsula and got back into riding -- this time on skinny tires. I'm a weekend warrior looking to finally ride a carbon bike. Mostly for sunday 2+ hr. rides up the mountains with an informal group, learning to lo ... Read More »

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