Castelli Fausto Wool Long Sleeve Jerseys

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Product Description

If you chart the staying force of all the material trends in cycling apparel, you would see innumerable valleys and only a couple of peaks. To follow this analogy, Lycra might be a hill, but wool is more like K2. That's why the Castelli Fausto Wool Long Sleeve Jersey is our obvious choice for riding this winter. In designing the Fausto jersey, Castelli used its century of craftsmanship to construct a jersey that holds true to the idealism of the past while serving the living. The Castelli Fausto Wool Long Sleeve Jersey is made from washable 100% pure wool. Castelli's choice of wool is more than just an aesthetic throwback -- wool has pronounced heat retention, moisture wicking abilities, and it's a natural odor fighter. Additionally, the Fausto jersey features a contemporary fit and three rear pockets with plenty of room to store your vino and panini. For a nice added touch, the Castelli scorpion logo has been embroidered on the chest. The Castelli Fausto Wool Long Sleeve Jersey is available in six sizes from Small to XXX-Large and in the colors Red/black and Royal/black.

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