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Any Biochem, Microbiologists, Cell Bio, or genetic wizards in the house?

Our "group" for micro class has been assigned a project for the quarter. We are newbs to the subject matter of this study, and are having difficulty disseminating and clearly defining their hypothesis (es). We have a pretty good grasp on the basic premises/reasoning of the study, but any *hints* (I ... Read More »

Genetic patents: Supreme Court sides with patient advocate groups

Another blow by the Federal Government against Free Enterprise. Now life saving genetic research firms will be prevented from patenting genes found in nature. [QUOTE]“The U.S. Supreme Court restricted the ability of companies to patent human genetic sequences, ruling in a case that tested a deca ... Read More »

Go Ahead and Objectify Those Womenz, It's our Genetic Right!

[url=]Study: Brain Objectifies Women As Body Parts, Men As Whole « CBS St. Louis[/url] From this point on I don't want any more complaints or post deletions because of the objectification of women and ... Read More »

Is liberalism just a genetic defect?

[URL=",0,5906362.story"]This kind of research[/URL] tends to set off my "bogus science" alerts, but it should be fun to discuss anyway (BTW, the "genetic defect" bit in the thread title is my own hyperbole, not something the rese ... Read More »

Genetic basis of monogamy and marriage

Sorry to interrupt the fascinating Bristol Palin story with some news, but there's a [URL=""]fascinating story in the WaPo[/URL] about some scientists who discovered a gene which occurs in 40% of men, wh ... Read More »

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