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latest aquisition of nutrition info!

hey all, i recently heard of raspberry ketones, supposedly aiding weight loss and weight management, in combination of proper diet and exercise. anyone heard of this? Try this? what were your results, i too am a fan of losing weight the traditional way, just hard work...but i am really struggling wi ... Read More »

who should I contact for some info about ads on this site

Hi All, We want to have our prodcuts to be advertised on the site. I want to know some detail on the ads/charges Do you know who I should contact? Pls let me know the email address. Thank you. Should any news, pls send it to [B]margret@xeccon.com [/B] MargretRead More »

New Info: 2014 Specialized US/UK Price Points (Link)

[url=http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/specialized-2014-full-us-and-uk-pricing-37953/]Specialized 2014 ? Full US And UK Pricing Plus Road Bike And Accessories Gallery - BikeRadar[/url] Scroll down for the complete list of 2014 price points. Was just posted this morning.Read More »

Pinarello Size info Needed

Hello, I'm considering purchasing a 2012 Paris 50cm. I currently ride a 2012 Cannondale CAAD 10 50cm. My cycling inseam is 29" and saddle height is 66cm. I was wondering if anyone knows the standover for the 50cm Paris. I was also possibly considering the 2013 Pinarello Dogma 2 65.1 Think 2 ... Read More »

Freehub bodies. i have the proper info this time.

hey all, i need a new freehub body...i posted earlier this week but i didnt post proper info...but here it is. Can i possibly use shimano?, it just seems alot easier to get a hold of than the novatec. [h=3]F192SB (FH) Specs[/h] [TABLE="width: 100%"] [TR="bgcolor: #e6e7e8"] [TH="width: 35%"][B]WEI ... Read More »

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