Giordana Devil's Kitchen Jerseys

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Here in Utah, we're spoiled with stunning road ride after stunning road ride. But while every imaginable form of grandiose landscape presents itself here, we can't help but gravitate to the red beauty of the high deserts. Call it gloating, bragging, or simply sharing, but we couldn't help but create a jersey around our favorite ride. This is how the Devil's Kitchen Men's Jersey was formed, but more than just a clever title and beautiful ride, the jersey meets our high standards of garments that we'll not only wear, but covet. That's why we designed it around Giordana's best jersey. With a lightweight construction for desert heats, an eyebrow-raising design and title, and a fit that's unparalleled, the Devil's Kitchen Men's Jersey is a sentimental expression of our shared passion for cycling.It's rare that we feel like a jersey is smarter than us, but the Giordana FormaRed Carbon jersey presents a solid case for this line of thought. Well, at least the brains behind the jersey might be smarter. The FormaRed is revolutionary in every aspect of its construction. Starting with the fit, FR-C has been designed to fit like a second skin throughout the positions of cycling. To achieve this, Giordana used a host of its best proprietary fabrics at calculated points on the jersey. At positions of heavy articulation, FR-C uses the ultralight Asteria material. With a 40 thread-per-centimeter compact weave, this fabric offers micro-compression, high breathability, and heightened wicking abilities. More importantly, its 14% spandex makeup provides supreme elasticity. This freedom of movement plays an integral role in the jersey's comfort in movement, and that's why it's been placed at sleeves, side panels, and shoulders.The jersey's front and rear panels have been constructed from Giordana's greatest achievement -- its Carbon fabric. This material features threads of carbon that have been interwoven with a more traditional Giordana fabric. It sounds simple enough, but the results are staggering. Giordana explains that static energy, UV rays, or even cell phone towers can have a profound effect your body's production of lactic acids. The jersey's carbon fibers act to shield the body from these fields of energy, and thus promotes a more efficient blood circulation and oxygen delivery. We know that this sounds more like a tinfoil hat than a jersey, but the ride quality is more than noticeable. And one quality that your friends will be thankful for is carbon's natural resistance to bacteria -- or better known as stink. This characteristic is further enhanced by the fabric's quick evaporation of moisture, high breathability, and consistent thermo-regulation. Basically, any chance of sweat buildup has been minimized, so you'll be riding fresh and dry.To house all of your ride essentials, Giordana has included three rear pockets, and also a rear zippered pocket to safely contain your money or keys. And in the rare occurrence that you need on-the-fly ventilation, the D

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