Ground Effect Slingshot Jerseys

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Choice of mad dogs and others hooked on racing around in the midday sun. The Slingshot is cool like a Tee shirt but won't leave you drenched after the first hill climb. Intercool fabric has an inner layer of polyester that wicks sweat away from your body and a cotton outer drawing it to the exterior... so you stay drier and won't lose your cool.

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Slingshot DDX CX bike just scooped up

Looking for some feedback; anyone else riding one. I just scooped one up. Any known problems? or long term issues? Thanks BobRead More »

SlingShot Road Bike

I recently picked up a Slingshot road bike frame in perfect condition. Currently building it out and would like to know its age. Zero information on the website? Anyone out there know the serial number code or anything? Does anyone have a picture to post of their bike with their year of purc ... Read More »

Slingshot Road Bike

Hey Tifosi! I have recently picked up a Slingshot Road frame that I am building out as a high perfomance folder when I travel for work. How do I tell what year the frame is? Is it coded into the serial number? Anyone with a clue? Thanks!Read More »

I hope Puma paid Slingshot some money

Puma bike [url][/url] some info on Slingshot (and patents they applied for) [url][/url]Read More »

Slingshot 'cross bike on sale!!!

Hey , saw this special on their blog and thought i would share. i am pretty impressed with the performance of their traditional design. very fast and compliant while differing greatly from what you thought about a no cable. see for yourself. [url] ... Read More »

Read More »



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