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Years from now we're going to look at cycling apparel and wonder how we got to the end of long training rides with any skin intact after suffering with sewn seams. The Hincapie Torino Short Sleeve Jersey uses welded seams to eliminate sewn ones that can chafe your skin like sandpaper on balsa wood. The cut is tapered and athletic, definitely a cut that leans toward pro-fit, though not as aggressively as some jerseys.The Torino Jersey is cut from Hincapie Aerator fabric, a super-soft and breathable fabric ideal for rides on hot days. While it offers enough elasticity to give you free movement on the bike, it's not so stretchy that the back of the jersey sags when you fill the pockets. The double weave of the material pulls moisture off of your body and to the outside of the fabric to keep you cool and dry. And despite its light weight, it offers a 30+ SPF for UVA and UVB protection. Hincapie VenTek mesh panels increase stretch and breathability in the around the arms and sides. The panels are laser-cut to keep them from fraying, and this high tech process is what makes the welded-seam construction possible.Three back pockets give great carrying capacity while a fourth, zippered pocket gives you a place to securely store important things like your ID or keys. Reflective accents grace the back pockets to keep you visible in low-light conditions.The Hincapie Torino Short Sleeve Jersey comes in three colors -- Fire, Navy, and White. It's available in five sizes from Small through XX-Large.

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Orange Gios Torino? What do I have?

Folks, Please have a look at the attached photos and let me know if you know what I might have. My research suggests it might be a 1981 model, but that's about all I've been able to find. Not sure if what I've got is authentic. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. [ATTACH=CONFIG]295590[/ATTACH][A ... Read More »

80s Gios Torino?

Ok, I've finally earned photo upload rights... I bought this bike used in the summer of 87'... Who can tell me anything about it? Year of origin? Anything particularly interesting about it? Should I restore it? Ready... Go!! And Thanks in advance!![ATTACH=CONFIG]293188[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]293187[ ... Read More »

help registering a Gios Torino

I want to register my Gios Torino Super Record, but when I go to the site, it is in Italian and sadly, I can't read or speak Italian - I need help finding the correct link.Read More »

Help me decide what to do with my Gios Torino w/ Campy Croce'D'Auna 49 Cm

It's a beautiful vintage Columbus SL, and I've always liked the feel of steel. Wheels are new Mavic Open Pro. It is, however, 21.5 lbs and I am a 130 lb age 55 rider still climbing mountains. To cut weight, change fork and seat tube to carbon and call it a day? Go with a modern lighter steel frame? ... Read More »

Help with my Gios Torino - SR

Ok, so I've had this Gios since I was 16 (1987), which I bought used from the owner of a bike shop where I worked. I'm thinking about "restoring it", but wonder if it's better to leave it somewhat original or doing a full restore? In regards to general interest, value, etc... Thanks!! I'm at wor ... Read More »

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