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Icebreaker, the New Zealand company that pioneering the merino outdoor clothing category, is introducing cycling apparel. Boy are we excited! Their garments feature technical features for cyclists; plus the fine Merino Wool construction tha...

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Cadence/Gear changes

Been riding for about 18 months as a supplement to running and recently have been increasing my distances. I typically ride alone but this past weekend rode with a couple of friends. I noticed that their cadence was much higher than mine as typically I only use the outer front gear - apparently th ... Read More »

Sigma BC1609 cadence sensor?

Hi! I bought a new bike and I got Sigma BC1609(wired) bike computer with it but without cadence sensor. My question is how to mount cadence sensor(I've read somewhere that it is possible)? Do I have to get another bike computer mount or it can be mounted on existing one? [URL=" ... Read More »

For Android Phone, Best HRM and Cadence Gear??

I have a basic computer, but now I want to add a heart rate monitor and cadence for data purposes. Are there a cadence and heart rate accessories that work well with an Android phone?? I've tried searching and I read about bluetooth devices using up too much energy, are there any Ant+ that work ... Read More »

What is the slowest cadence you can go?

12%+ grade, 70 gear inches (44/16) Stand on pedal and let the weight sink down each stroke. Cadence feels like it may be 5 or so (if not, it sure feels like it) I need to yank on the handlebar more but it's kind of sketchy without clipless pedals. Flat handlebars is too far back for ... Read More »

What is your cadence like?

I'm finding myself very comfortable with a cadence of 105-110 rpm for harder efforts and feel pretty relaxed at 95 rpm, with a zone 1 pace at about 85. I'm glad my harder effort is around 105: the 1 hour world record is consistently set with cadences around 105.Read More »





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