Louis Garneau Mistral Jerseys

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Louis Garneau Mistral Jersey is equipped with 15" invisible zipper so you can get in and out easy. 3 angled back pockets are easy to utilize. The rounded collar gives this jersey great looks.

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Holdsworth Mistral restoration w/ DT shifters...I think I just became a fan.

I have always wanted a Holdsworth Proffesional. Finding the right one has proven to be challenging. So I got my hands on this Holdsworth Mistral, a 1982 in Spruce Green Pearl. [IMG]http://i1187.photobucket.com/albums/z390/ride4life8/IMG_0678.jpg[/IMG] As it was just a frameset I was considerin ... Read More »

Late 80's sun mistral rims? dented mine

Howdy--I was riding my girlfriend's cannondale last night and hit a recessed manhole cover and BAM, bumpbumpbumpbump went the rear wheel. It's totally rideable but annoying, and while she might not notice it, it's driving me nuts. Any ideas where I can get hold of a matching rim? I think I'll be a ... Read More »

Looking for late 80's, early 90's Sun Mistral Rim

Howdy--I put a flat spot in the rear rim of my girlfriend's 1989 cannondale r600 yesterday, to my great disappointment. I know how to build wheels (well, i've built one!) and would really like to find a rim that will match the front rim. Read More »

3T Mistral Aero Bar - When?

When will the new 3T Mistral Aero Bar be available? Does anyone know where I can find it? How much is it? Thanks!Read More »

Sun Mistral tubular rims

Does anyone know anything about these rims on my track bike? They came on the bike, just looking for a little info on them, how they were rated in their day, and so forth. I'm going to build up a set of clinchers for it and am wondering if I should just retire these rims or keep using them, this wil ... Read More »

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