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Louis Garneau Tourmalet 2 Jersey is made with Micro-Airdry fabric which provides great breathability and moisture management properties.

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What's a Lemond Tourmalet worth?

Found a used 2007 lemond Tourmalet frame/fork in good condition. Any idea what one of these is worth?Read More »

Great photo from the Col du Tourmalet

This was originally posted by 'rustybucket' in the PodiumGirls forum but thought it was worth reposting here. Hope its not too racy. I think its seriously crazy that these guys have to race right alongside these screaming lunatics. [ATTACH]206555[/ATTACH]Read More »

Stage 17: Pau to Col du Tourmalet - 174km

It all comes down to this. Well, not really. There is still the small matter of the ITT, and ,to a lesser extent, the final two sprint stages. But this is what could decide the podium. Sorta. This tour has been anything but the expected, so making a prediction for this stage is rather tough. Wh ... Read More »

Col du Tourmalet climb is in Google streetview high res...

[font=verdana]There are lots of other great climbs (all over europe) in google's streetview... but this amoung the first one's I've stumbled across in the newer high res. It's pretty cool. I'd like to adapt a transducer to my trainer (normal wheel speed sensor would probably do) that I could use ... Read More »

Tour organizers have flattened the Tourmalet.

Putting the big mountains so far from the finish effectively takes them out of the race, turning the stage into a group sprint. Ho hum.Read More »

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