Mavic Vision Jerseys

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The aptly named Vision Jersey is the ideal garment when being seen is your top priority. Mavic uses what they call Viz technology a combination fluorescent colors and extensive 360 reflective striping to demand attention in all riding conditions. Materials-wise the Vision Jersey features a combination of RideWick and Airmesh fabrics designed for moisture regulation and airflow.

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PEACE: One company's vision

Perennial peaceniks and marketers of Axe body spray, the Dutch (i.e., Unilever), offer this take on world peace: Worth the 1:00. This is being used for the Super Bowl, but I can see it having legs for St. Valentine's Day, too.Read More »

Vision Phenomenom

So, when I go to bed at night and close my eyes I can see a very faint "blob" of light in the center of my vision. You know how when you close your eyes in the dark you can still see a bunch of "white noise"? Well this little blob is always there in the white noise. It is very faint and I don't s ... Read More »

WORLDVIEW, 2050: Socialist Swede gives vision of world

Watch as this Scandanavian Socialest spread his dystopic hyperlibbie vision of a Brave New World, complete with reproductive rights, green technologies, foreign aid to impoverished areas, global governance, and the elimination of class envy here: [url= ... Read More »

Vision Metron 40mm Clinchers

Has anyone seen/heard/ridden Vision Metron 40mm clinchers? I ask because I recently ordered a 2014 Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod DA, which is specced with these wheels. (This is my mid-life-crisis, turning-40 gift to myself) I've seen a couple of reviews, and I guess some pro named Sagan rides on them. ... Read More »

Why does Vision wheels an underwhelming reputation?

I am in the process of purchasing a new road bike that comes with Vision TC24 carbon clinchers. Why is this brand underwhelming to roadies?Read More »

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